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ERP Digitalization Checks

As part of the ERP Digitalization Checks, participants receive concise instruction and assistance on topics relating to ERP systems and operational software applications.

Here, fundamental questions are answered and methodological guidance is offered in questions relating to ERP systems. The recommended courses of action are adapted to the individual circumstances of the participants.
The questions posed by the participants can pertain to any aspect of ERP projects. As part of the preparation of ERP projects, for example, questions of requirements (is a new ERP system necessary?) and profitability (ROI) are relevant.

During the selection process, a methodologically effective and targeted approach is of primary interest to participants. Following the selection, questions arise regarding the implementation methodology and the design of the process. Furthermore, issues concerning the structure of the system are discussed as part of the quick checks protocol. In addition to ERP systems, additional specialized systems are often used which must also be considered


  • Do I need an ERP system?
  • How can the value of a new ERP system be determined?
  • How can a suitable ERP system be selected, and what might it cost?
  • What project costs will have to be met?
  • How can I successfully implement my new ERP system?
  • What preparatory steps will be required for the new system?
  • What support is available for the selection and integration of the new ERP system?
  • Which standard functions should a modern ERP system offer?
  • Is my ERP system ready for digitalization?
  • How do I solve problems relating to master data?